ZHANG Research Team
Nano Biomedicine Lab


Recruitment of Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Assistants

    The research directions of the research group include biomaterial drug delivery, in situ self-assembly of peptides in vivo, bioimaging, cancer imaging diagnosis and synergistic therapy, etc., involving chemistry, materials science, nanomedicine, molecular biology, biomedical engineering, imaging and other interdisciplinary subjects . According to the research work, the research group has decided to recruit 2 postdoctoral fellows (independent), 2 postdoctoral fellows (joint), and 5 research assistants. This recruitment information is valid for a long time until the position is full. The specific position information is as follows:

1. Required and Preferred Qualifications

Candidates with background in polymer, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biomaterials, molecular biology, cell biology, medicine, life science and other fields, especially in biomaterial synthesis and assembly, drug delivery, in vitro and in vivo biological imaging, cancer diagnosis and treatment are welcome to apply.

2、Posted Salary

1Postdoctoral fellow

① The place of work is in Southern University of Science and Technology, providing an annual salary of above 350,000 yuan (before tax); at the same time, it provides good research conditions and opportunities for domestic and international academic exchanges. In addition, you also enjoy benefits such as holiday allowances, meal allowances, family planning incentives, high temperature subsidies, and free physical examinations. The research group will provide 25,000 yuan of academic exchange funding for each postdoctoral fellow and additional allowances and rewards for outstanding postdoctoral fellows;

② The research group provides sufficient scientific research conditions;

③ You can apply for "Rent and Living Subsidy for Newly Introduced Talents in Shenzhen" and scientific research funding;

④ For outstanding outbound postdoctoral fellows, we will actively recommend positions such as research assistant professors at Southern University of Science and Technology.

2)Research assistant

① The monthly salary of scientific research assistants starts from 5,000 yuan (undergraduate) or 7,500 yuan (for master's degrees), adjusted upwards based on ability, experience and performance;

② Welfare benefits such as holiday fee, monthly meal allowance, high temperature subsidy, and free physical examination;

③ "Five insurances and one housing fund" and housing subsidies;

④ The research group will comprehensively cultivate all aspects of the ability and background of the selected candidates.

3How to Apply

You will be required to send email to Dr. Zhang (zhanglu@sustech.edu.cn), please indicate the subject of the email: "Name-School/Work Place-Application Position" and attach your resume, cover letter and list of references as three separate documents in MS Word or PDF format.

*The application materials will be strictly confidential, and those who pass the initial interview will be interviewed as soon as possible.